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This conference will explore both current and emerging international terrorist tactics and strategy and, by the use of case studies, explore the vulnerabilities of nations and communities to the successful execution of an international terrorist attack. UK domestic, foreign and communications policy will then be debated together with the consequences of such policy and its impact on the vulnerabilities exposed. The format of the event is as follows:

  • Current and emerging international terrorist tactics and strategy.
  • The vulnerabilities of nations and communities and how international terrorist tactics and strategy exploit these.
  • UK domestic policy including the policing of diverse communities and how instruments designed to reduce terrorist threat can actually fuel discontent.
  • The effect of UK foreign policy including the feeling of inclusion with second and third generation immigrants.
  • Communications policies and the fine line between reporting news within such a 24/7 competitive market as it unfolds and demonizing large communities.
  • Panel debate on the combined use of domestic, foreign and communications policies as a diplomatic weapon to reduce the UK’s vulnerabilities to the international terrorist threat.

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The first day will look at the International Terrorist threat together with an analysis of terrorist motivations, objectives and the enablers required to turn that motivation into reality. The links to International Terrorist Networks, both at individual and domestic terrorist cell level, will be explored using case studies to include the Madrid and Bali bombings and Richard Reid the Shoe Bomber. The second day will explore how UK foreign, domestic and communications policies can be used to reduce the potential of such links within the UK and thereby the threat to the UK.

Conference Fees

The following fees apply per delegate.  The fee includes attendance at all sessions, all refreshments and luncheons, and the Reception.  Speakers and session chairman are not required to pay.

STANDARD RATE: £450 (+ VAT @ 17.5% = £78.75) = £528.75


£360 (+ VAT @ 17.5% = £63.00) = £423.00


£275 (+ VAT @ 17.5% = £48.13) = £323.13


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