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The complexity of conflict in the post-Cold War world has prompted a wealth of new research into the changing character of war. One very apparent facet of conflict in this era is that war is no longer linear – defence, development and diplomacy now occur more or less simultaneously in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor and Kosovo. This creates a very different burden of responsibility on the actors that operate in such locations. The military, government development agencies, humanitarian actors and local government all must work within a shrinking space, which often creates new, previously unforeseen issues. Nowhere is this more evident than in NATO’s involvement in Afghanistan.

CIMICFor the past year the Royal United Services Institute has pursued independent research into the challenges presented by these new conflict environments. Now, in the run-up to the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest, RUSI, in association with NATO Allied Command Transformation, the George C. Marshall Foundation of the United States and the High Commission of Canada in the United Kingdom is pleased to announce a two day conference titled “Perspective on the Civil-Military Nexus in Afghanistan and Beyond”. This event will bring together policy-makers, military leaders, non-governmental organizations and international organizations together for an open and frank discussion on the challenges that operations such as those in Afghanistan present. The conference is oriented around panels that encapsulate these different perspectives from that of the military commander on the ground to the view of the humanitarian relief agency.

Discussion Topics Include:

Developing Comprehensive International Solutions for Modern Day Conflict Resolution

The Commander’s Perspective: Challenges from Contemporary Interventions

Humanitarian Perspectives on Civil-Military Relations: Are we all in the same boat?

Peace Building and Intervention

Speakers Include:

  • Ambassador Claudio Bisogiero, Deputy Secretary General, NATO
  • General Mattis, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, NATO
  • Simon Brooks, ICRC
  • Elizabeth Winter, BAAG
  • Christa Meindersma, Hague Institute of Strategic Studies


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