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RUSImotif smallA joint Public Policy Research Organisation PPRO-RUSI event

Without Pakistan’s full co-operation, the US and the broader international community cannot reconstruct Afghanistan, defeat the Taleban and turn the tide of international terrorism.  In the wake of President Musharraf’s resignation, there is mounting concern over the future of Pakistan’s co-operation with Western allies.

Recently tensions have arisen in the Pakistan-US relationship, with both officials and academics in Washington bemoaning Pakistan’s alleged lack of co-operation in stabilising neighbouring Afghanistan and fighting the men of terror. There is a growing debate about whether Pakistan is merely unable to do better or is actively undermining international efforts.

A dispassionate and impartial discussion on the impact of Western strategy in engaging Pakistan is, therefore, especially urgent. The seminar addressed the key questions of the effectiveness of combating extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan and the need for an invigorated, joint US-Pakistan strategy to meet this goal. The seminar explored recommendations for confidence building measures, designed to revive the deteriorating relations between the US and Pakistan.

Speakers included:

For further information on the conference programme, please contact Alex Neill, Head Asia Programme or +44 (0)20 7747 2614.

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