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With the countdown to the opening ceremony well under way, the security machine for the London 2012 Games is going through the final testing stages. To ensure that the world's biggest sporting event goes undisrupted by major incidents, security arrangements have required constant investment, refinement and adaptation. With the world's eyes on London, this summer's Olympics will represent an unprecedented challenge for the UK's resilience and management capabilities. 


Organised in partnership with the Home Office's Olympic Security Directorate, RUSI's 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Security Conference will offer a unique opportunity to engage with key decision-makers and stakeholders from the UK's security community.  Attracting an international audience of some two hundred senior experts, it will provide strategic and operational insight into all aspects of Olympic security policy and planning, revealing how the country is preparing itself to deliver the best 'Olympic Games experience' ever.

As the last major conference before the summer of 2012, this milestone event will highlight how the UK could capitalise on a successful Games to strengthen national security and develop a lasting legacy for 'UK plc'. With a 'golden decade of sport' for Britain ahead, and several other international sporting events in the pipeline, the conference will be a must for those looking to understand the challenges and opportunities which surround the security of major sport events.

Conference Programme:

Session One: Successfully Managing the Security Challenge

This session will examine the main security threats and challenges which need to be considered to ensure the smooth running of the world's biggest sporting event. Due to the enormous media coverage they will attract, it is no surprise that the Olympics and Paralympics could be perceived as an opportunity for groups and individuals willing to harm the UK. It is therefore paramount that this multifaceted threat is assessed properly so as to put in place efficient and effective security management mechanisms.

Topics will include:

  • The CT Context
  • General Security Overview
  • The policing challenge (policing venues, torch relay, parallel events, live sites and public order)
  • The Role of the Military

Session Two: Ensuring Security and Resilience at Games Time

This session will provide an overview of plans and mechanisms designed to prevent major incidents as well as deal with any contingency which might occur at a time when the world's attention will be focused on the UK. With only six months left, the security and emergency services will need to ensure they have successfully tested their capabilities against multiple possible scenarios. A valuable insight will be offered as to how the country's security and resilience machine is going to work during this high pressure period.

Topics will include:

  • Site and Venue Security
  • Testing and Exercising
  • Securing the transport network
  • UK Borders Security

Session Three: Working with Other Key Partners

This session will highlight how other important actors are factored in the Olympic security equation, what contribution they can provide and how the best integration of their resources would be pursued. Understanding the added value each one of them will bring about will certainly help promote an inclusive, 'all-players' attitude which will then foster the necessary habit of complex joint working.

Topics will include:

  • Private Security Industry
  • Local Authorities
  • The Role of the Ambulance and Fire Services
  • Working with International Partners

Session Four: The Legacy of London 2012: Opportunities for London and the UK

This session will explore how valuable lessons from the Games can be incorporated and exploited to refine the UK's national security infrastructure of the future. At the same time, it will be important to understand how ambitious standards set for London 2012 can enable the UK to be viewed as an outstanding model for major event security in the future. Both a public and a private sector's perspective on potential opportunities for the UK's security industry will be offered.

Topics will include:

  • Legacies and opportunities for UK Trade and Industry, including stronger public/private sector relationships
  • A UKTI perspective
  • The London dimension

Confirmed Participants Include:

  • Rt Hon Theresa May MP, Home Secretary
  • James Brokenshire MP, Under Secretary for Crime and Security
  • Gary Reason, Assistant Commissioner, London Fire Brigade
  • Simon Everest, Head of Security Directorate, UKTI
  • Robert Raine, Director of Olympic Safety and Security, Home Office
  • Sir Ian Johnston, Director of Security and Resilience, LOCOG
  • Commander Bob Broadhurst, Operational Planning, London 2012, Metropolitan Police
  • Ian Thomas, Head of Security and Resilience, LOCOG
  • Sir Brian Burridge, Vice President Strategic Marketing, Finmeccanica UK Ltd
  • Detective Chief Superintendent Jim Busby, Lead, Olympic Site and Venue Security Project, Metropolitan Police
  • David Evans, Project Director 2012, BSIA
  • Sir David Veness, Chairman Security and Policing Advisory Board, London First
  • Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Thomas, Head of Olympic planning, British Transport Police
  • Andrew Huddart, Head, NLA Olympic and Paralympic Resilience Team
  • Vince Fihosy, Director, London 2012 City Operations, GLA
  • Air-Vice Marshal Clive Bairsto, Director of Integration and Readiness, Government Olympic Executive
  • Sir David Omand GCB, Vice President, RUSI
  • Ben Fletcher, Head of Policy and Communication, Olympic Security Directorate, Home Office
  • Commander Richard Morris, Olympic Policing Coordinator, Metropolitan Police Service
  • Colonel Chris Scott, Head of Olympic Safety and Security Testing and Exercising Team, Olympic Security Directorate, Home Office
  • Ian Horseman-Sewell, Director, Major Events, G4S Secure Solutions
  • Jason Killens, Deputy Director of Operations, London Ambulance Service
  • Tony Smith, Senior Director, London 2012 Olympic Programme, UKBA
  • General Sir Nick Parker, Commander, Land Forces, Ministry of Defence
  • Sir John Scarlett KCMP OBE, Senior Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute


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