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The Third RUSI/MTC AustralAsia Performance Management Symposium

With the Defence Procurement Agency, UK

Keynote Address: Sir Kevin Tebbitt (Permanent Undersecretary, UK Ministry of Defence)

The last decade has witnessed the rapid global growth of project and performance management theory/systems across the government and civilian sectors. Project and performance management has moved from being an art to a science with well understood disciplines. Despite of the improvement and use of sophisticated management processes, organisational endeavours continue to fail to meet objectives. As a result, the emphasis is shifting from a classically theoretical, software and process focus to include leadership and cultural change.

Performance management tools, techniques and methodologies such as PRINCE2, Balanced Scorecard, Earned Value Management, Risk and Opportunity Management, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, and Partnering are well documented and widely practiced. The elements of the performance management discipline are embedded as accepted practice in most project management bodies of knowledge. With this level of understanding and support, the control of projects should be comparatively trouble free and performance management should be second nature. Yet despite these 'technological' advances, projects are still likely, more often as not, to fail to deliver against their intended business benefit, scope, schedule and/or budget. What then has prevented performance management successfully permeating enterprises more fully? The 2004 Symposium will seek to encourage discussion focusing on:

  • How successful performance management systems have been developed due to decision, technology and implementation leadership
  • The manner in which system acceptability has been achieved through cultural change programs focusing on value adding, user friendliness, training and support, management involvement, innovative customer/supplier relationships and change management
  • Practical applications that have been developed to improve existing procurement and measurement of unit effectiveness.
  • How performance management can be applied to non-platform based performance metrics
  • How existing statistical reservoirs generated by currently implemented generations of performance management software and systems can be better managed.

RUSI/MTCA conferences attract on average in excess of 160 participants, drawn from high levels of government, military and industry. This conference will be of both interest and use to:
  • Military, Defence and Government Personnel
  • Chief Executives and Managing Directors
  • Programme, Project and Product Managers
  • Business Directors and Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Audit, Strategy and Business Development Teams
  • Consultants
  • Political Analysts & the Media

Featuring a Training Day on 18 October at RUSI (the Training Day features two courses, with the fee for each course being £400.00 + VAT. Please note - the fees for the courses are separate from that for the main conference)


Further information also can be found at the MTCA web-site

Conference Partners:


MTC AustralAsia
Defence Procurement Agency

Defence Procurement Agency, UK

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