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Conversations about space across the UK government are dominated by the military and industry.  Despite broad agreement across other government departments on the importance of space, there seems to be little understanding over vulnerabilities between their work and space dependencies.

This is strange when space-based communication and services are critical to much of business-as-usual across government departments, as well as being fundamental requirements for contingency response, commercial operations and the UK prosperity agenda. Importantly, but not widely acknowledged, space is also a key element of Critical National Infrastructure.

Yet despite the UK Space Policy published in 2017, there is an absence of anything beyond a broad set of disparate policy goals. Coherence and understanding across government is severely lacking.

As well as outlining the space threat landscape, this conference also provided an opportunity to explore current understanding of dependencies, vulnerabilities and solutions.

Speakers included 

  • Colin Armstrong, UK Space Agency
  • Dr Bleddyn Bowen, University of Leicester
  • Dr Stuart Eves, Space Consultant
  • Richard Franklin, Airbus
  • Neil Fraser, Viasat
  • Lord Harris of Haringey
  • Dr Patricia Lewis, Chatham House
  • Ralph Dinsley, Northern Space and Security Ltd
  • Alexandre Dubreucq, Ecole de Guerre
  • Francois Lamothe, Ecole de Guerre
  • Alexandra Stickings, RUSI

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