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Dave Robertson, Strategic Business Development Director, Inmarsat Global Government

Air Commodore Nick Hay RAF, Hoc C4ISTAR, UK Joint Forces Command

Air Marshal Philip Osborn, Chief of Defence Intelligence, Ministry of Defence, UK

Brigadier David Evans RM, ACOS N6, Navy Command HQ

Air Commodore Chris Moore RAF, ACOS A6, HQ Air Command

Simon Fovargue MBE, Vice President and General Manager, UK Defence, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. CEO ATLAS Consortium

Peter Roberts, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI

Andrew Payne, Defence Consultant

The Information in Warfare Conference 2016 was timed so that participants can explore the implications of announcements made in the UK defence review (SDSR), National Security Strategy (NSS) and departmental spending settlements. It also examined the shape of ISR over the next twenty years in order to help military personnel, industry and academics understand differing requirements and perspectives, with a view to informing research and development programmes.  It focused specifically on how ‘human-led automation’ could succeed ‘warfare in the information age’ as the primary focus for defence and security operators and suppliers alike. 

This conference, previously known as Defence Information Superiority conference, has acted for a decade as the foremost venue for bringing the military, industry and academia together for meaningful discussion.

The first day of the conference looked at shorter-term implications for C4ISR stemming from the announcements made in the new 2015 UK NSS and SDSR.  Day two then explored the results from a longer term analysis of how future operations will be shaped by the environment, technology and differing approaches to engaging in operations.

The conference sessions explored the following themes:

  • The Defence Review and C4ISR
  • Future Networks and Enablers
  • Theory and Reality – A Perspective from Full Spectrum Operators
  • A Joint Forces Command Perspective
  • Political Perspectives
  • Electro-magnetic Environment and the Future of Internet
  • Disruptive Technology and Organisational Implications
  • The Debate: Sovereignty and the Military-Industry relationship going forward

Speakers Included:

  • General Sir Richard Barrons, Commander, UK Joint Forces Command
  • Philip Dunne MP, Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Lieutenant General Gordon Messenger, Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Air Marshal Philip Osborn, Chief of Defence Intelligence, Ministry of Defence, UK

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