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On Transformation

RUSI Military Sciences Department


The 2004 RUSI Malvern C4ISTAR delivered up-to-date briefings on the critical issues relating to the use of C4ISTAR concepts and capabilities in delivering information exploitation for military effect. This conference has developed over the years with senior participants drawn from the militaries, governments and defence industries of over a dozen countries. This year, the aim was for participants to walk away with a clear understanding of the direction and co-ordination of key national plans in information exploitation and C4ISTAR in networked warfare.

Lectures now online:

Department of Defense Transformation
Dr Linton Wells
Acting Assistant Secretary for Defence (Networks & Information Integration)
Department of Defense, US

Greg Akers
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Global Government Solutions
Cisco Systems

Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance; a Reasonable Approach to Network-Enabling Capabilities
Brigadegeneral Friedrich Wilhelm Kriesel
Director Military Intelligence
Ministry of Defence, Germany

Architectures for Force-Wide, Networked Capabilities and Implications for Information Assurance and Coalition Operations
Alan Stennetts
Naval Sea Systems Command
United States Navy

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