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As the Cold War came to an end the UK Armed Forces increasingly found themselves deployed on operations all around the world; from the South Atlantic to the Balkans, from West Africa to the Middle East. However the term 'Expeditionary Operations' has come to mean something far different then what it meant the last time the term was in regular circulation. Today these type of operations also carry with it other terms like 'humanitarian intervention', 'regime change' and 'post-conflict reconstruction'. With the emergence of the current ‘War on Terror’ it is likely that these themes will dominate not only our country’s foreign policy but also our military doctrine and practices for the foreseeable future.

This conference will look at what Expeditionary Operations mean today and what the consequences are for the United Kingdom's military when deploying on them. Using previous experience as a starting point the conference will discuss such topics as invasion, intervention and insurgency. The conference will also look at the increasingly important area of post-conflict reconstruction, hearing from speakers representing NGOs, contract companies – security and logistic - as well as discussing the military issues of CIMIC and peace support/security operations and the training of indigenous security forces.

The RUSI’s Expeditionary Operations conference aims to deliver a fresh look at the rapidly emerging themes and realities of today’s worldwide conflicts. In particular we will focus on the realities of modern day warfare and the need to plan for ‘Phase Four Operations’ – the post-conflict period. For those concerned with the planning, contractual involvement in, or analysis of the most recent military operations, as well as those in the near future, this will be an essential gathering.

This conference will explore all the aspects and consequences of armed conflict in the modern era, including the British Armed Forces’ concept and understanding of expeditionary operations from intervention to combating insurgency. The conference will address the consequences of streamlining militaries and their need to contract out logistic and security capability to civilian organisations as well as the benefits and pitfalls of embedded journalists on military operations.

Drawing on the experiences gained in Sierra Leone, East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan this conference will look at the enormous task of rebuilding defeated, disbanded or non-existent security forces amongst an indigenous population and indeed the need to plan for this eventuality before the operation has begun. While addressing current doctrinal development, this conference will project into the future and consider the relationship between civil and military organisations and their operational partnership in the operational theatres of tomorrow.

This conference will be attended by those who are interested in the direction of the UK’s Armed Forces and the current military trends developing around the world at present. It will be of particular interest to UK, US and NATO countries whose experience in the next twenty years is likely to be that of expeditionary warfare.

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