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China’s militarisation of its foreign policy objectives in the Asia-Pacific is destabilising a region already exhibiting the signs of strained relations. Beijing’s approach is undermining the principles of international law and normative behaviour. Yet Europe’s close financial and trade links with China have resulted in a weak response from both the EU and individual states. 

This conference examined what role Europe might play in crisis management in the region, particularly with regard to a potential conflict involving China, and in doing so attempted to identify the tipping points that could trigger a more robust response from Europe and potentially, active involvement as part of an intervention. The conference also examined the differences between triggers for the EU as an actor and individual member states, divining conclusions on how action by different individual states might influence wider pan-EU responses. 

Topics covered included:

  • National Interests and redlines for major European powers
  • Do European States still have principles left when it comes to China?
  • Potential crisis management roles for Europe
  • Future forecasting - trigger events in Asia-Pacific

Speakers included:

  • Vice Admiral (Retd) Yoji Koda, Former Commander in Chief, Self Defense Fleet, JMSDF
  • Dr Joachim Krause, Academic Director, ISPK
  • Marianne Peron-Doise, Senior Researcher, IRSEM, Ecole Militaire
  • Bill Hayton, Author of ‘The South China Sea: the struggle for power in Asia’ and Associate Fellow, Chatham House

For further details of speakers, please see the conference agenda.

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