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No military in the world can function effectively unless its servicemen and women are provided with the right equipment. RUSI’s ‘Equipping the Military’ conference aims to deliver a dynamic and alternative look at the lower end of defence procurement and logistics,focusing on the selection and delivery of personal weapons, clothing, equipment and communications.

This conference will look at:

  • How the military and industry provide for our soldiers, sailors and airmen;
  • The difficulties of providing joint equipment for three distinct services;
  • The military/commercial interface;
  • The importance of the relationship between the Ministry of Defence and industry that supplies the equipment;
  • How the UK Armed Forces plan to improve their procurement and logistics to maximise technological development and industry innovation.

Equipping the Armed ForcesThis conference will be essential for those concerned with how the Ministry of Defence chooses equipment that is subsequently issued to the service men and women of the UK Armed Forces. This will include not only those working in the British Military and Government but also those from Europe the US and further a-field who are interested in learning from the UK’s experience. Industry will play a crucial role as equipment providers offering their experience in commercial relations, and as technological leaders in supplying the military with what it requires.

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