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This conference will explore the impact of oil dependence on foreign policy in the Twenty-first century and generate innovative ideas to help the US and Europe manage the coming energy challenges together.

Energy Security

Oil and gas prices have gone down since the start of the current economic crisis. Unlike last year, when governments worried about securing supply, oil producers are now worrying about whether or not they can retain customers for their products. Nevertheless, the issue of energy security has not disappeared. Interruptions of Russian gas supply to Europe in early January 2009 and continued instability in the Middle East indicate that questions about securing energy supply will remain paramount in American and European strategic thinking.

Against the backdrop of the global economic recession, it is time that the foreign and defence communities in Washington and in Europe re-consider the relationship between energy dependence, foreign policy, and the interests of their militaries, government and industries. The US and Europe will be challenged to secure their energy vulnerabilities while re-assessing the global energy system. The RUSI-IAGS conference will address a range of transatlantic challenges, including:

  • Energy dependence on the global security environment;
  • New leadership and transatlantic energy security relations;
  • The militarisation of energy security, energy terrorism, and state failure in energy producing countries;
  • Approaches to energy independence vs. interdependence.

For details regarding sponsorship or the programme, please contact Dr Lisa Aronsson on or by telephone, +44 (0)20 7747 4963.

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