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Defence Infrastructure Superiority

2010 Conference Concept

Today, more than ever, military and government organisations need to be masters of information. Technologies such as the internet, satellite technology, mobile telephony, rapid miniaturisation of ICT equipment and global transportation have condensed our global existence and experiences. They enable us to learn rapidly and to connect with people in unprecedented ways. They have also triggered the advent of 24 hr news, Google Earth, Facebook and a proliferation of cyber threats, all of which have leveled the playing field for potential enemies, whether they might be state actors, insurgents or criminal or terrorist groups.

Politicians have committed to a Strategic Defence Review in 2010 that promises a root and branch re-evaluation of UK Defence. This review must elevate the importance of Information Superiority if the military is to remain relevant as part of our wider national security structure in the 21st Century. It is the one capability that is relevant to every operational environment and without which platforms and people cannot operate to their full potential.

This conference will outline the importance of Defence Information Superiority not just to the military but also to the wider security community. Speakers will begin by examining the strategic trends in both the security and cyber sectors. Military commanders will then describe how information systems have aided recent operations in theatre and industry partners will demonstrate how they anticipate new technologies could improve existing capabilities.

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