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Formerly RUSI's annual C4ISTAR Conference, this event examined strategic intelligence, the evolving implementation in current operations and the growing importance of cyber space and its associated threats.

2011 Conference Concept: 

Defence Information Superiority 2011_lead eventIn an uncertain security environment and at a time when opinion, news and information is available globally in near real time, information superiority at the strategic, operational and tactical level remains essential to the success of military operations and the political decision-making process underpinning them. At the same time, financial constraints demand that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) makes the most of existing information systems through application of best practice from allies, other government departments and industry while strategic partnerships will be essential to maintaining the MoD's information advantage.

This conference, once again supported by the MoD, brought together another senior panel of speakers from MoD, Industry and allies to address emerging trends and means to improve the MoD's information management and exploitation.

Participants included:

  • General Nick Houghton, Vice Chief of Defence Staff, Ministry of Defence, UK
  •  Air Marshal Chris Nickols, Chief of Defence Intelligence, Ministry of Defence, UK 
  •  Lieutenant General (ret’d) Graeme Lamb
  •  Major General Jonathan Shaw, Director Global Risks, Ministry of Defence
  •  Air Vice-Marshal Steve Hillier, Director, Information Superiority, Ministry of   Defence, UK
  •  Owen Pengelly, Deputy Director, Office of Cyber Security & Information Assurance
  •  Air Commodore Tim Bishop, Head, Service Operations, DES ISS, Ministry of Defence
  •  Air Commodore Ian Kirkwood, ACOS A6, Royal Air Force
  •  Air Commodore Andrew Powell, ACOS J6, PJHQ, Ministry of Defence
  •  Colonel Tim Carmichael, Former JFCIS, OP Herrick
  •  Commodore Christopher Forsey, ACOS C4ISTAR, Royal Navy
  •  Commander Mark Laity, Head of Communications, NATO Shape
  •  Brian McBride, Managing Director, Amazon UK
  •  Sandy Wilson, Managing Director, General Dynamics
  •  Matt Rapier, Chief Technical Architect, Vega
  •  Neil Ellet, Defence and Security, Fujitsu

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