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RUSImotif 2The establishment of the Command Capability Directorates, the firming up of the Materiel Strategy and the impending move of DE&S to a Go-Co, the announcement of major outsourcing programmes, the impending withdrawal of combat troops from Afghanistan, and a return to a contingent capability will all impact on the defence acquisition process and the implementation of the reform agenda.  It is, and remains, a challenging time with a number of major transformation and reform programmes running in parallel.

This conference, over four focussed sessions will consider:

  • What the UK's defence acquisition reform process has achieved and what are the outstanding challenges and issues facing the management of the UK's defence capability.
  • The tensions between competing defence acquisition solutions.
  • The impact of reform and the Materiel Strategy on the UK's defence industrial base and the defence acquisition process.
  • What we might gain by considering how our international partners approach defence acquisition and the changes they are either implementing or considering.

As in previous years, attendees are expected to include key UK MoD decision makers and industry leaders. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Philip Dunne, Minister Defence Equipment Support & Technology, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Mr Bernard Gray, Chief of Defence Materiel, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Detlef Selhausen, National Armaments Director, Germany
  • Air Marshal Steve Hillier, DCDS Military Capability, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Lt Gen Chris Deverell, Chief of Materiel (Land), Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Rear Admiral Duncan Potts, ACNS Capability, Royal Navy, UK
  • Tommi Nordberg, Resource Policy, Ministry of Defence, Finland
  • John Dowdy, Director, McKinsey and Co
  • Mr Peter Watkins, Director General, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom
  • Professor Derrick Neal, Professor of Defence Strategic Change, Cranfield University
  • Professor Trevor Taylor, Professorial Fellow Defence Management, RUSI
  • Dr John Louth, Director for Defence, Industries and Society, RUSI
  • Dr David Moore, Director Centre for Defence Acquisition, Cranfield University
  • Tony Graham, Director Ships, DE&S, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Air Vice Marshal Phil Osborn, Director Capability, Joint Forces Command, Ministry of Defence, UK

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