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Wing Commander Dean Brown 

Graham Fairclough

Colonel Hargreaves

Major General Uzi Moscovici


The last thirty years have seen the UK and other western nations lose their strong position in electronic warfare (EW) at the same time as operations in and through cyberspace have become an increasing aspect of warfare. In large part the decline in EW capability reflects the nature of the adversary being faced in the population-centric COIN campaigns of Iraq and Afghanistan. However, as the focus switches to near-peer (or peer) adversaries and even the insurgents have started to make better use of technology most western nations have sought to reenergise their efforts in these areas.

The delivery of effects through cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum has been brought together in US doctrine as Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA). CEMA embraces cyberspace operations, electronic warfare and spectrum management, integrating and synchronising them to achieve specific effects at decisive points to support overall operations. Ultimately this seeks to seize, retain and exploit an advantage over adversaries in both cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum whilst simultaneously denying and degrading adversary use of the same and protecting the mission command system. 

The successful delivery of effects through CEMA requires developments in concepts and doctrine as well as the acquisition and employment of relevant technologies and the employment of skilled personnel. The RUSI CEMA conference will seek to explore these issues in order to help drive the issue forward that both aids ongoing developments and contributes to thinking ahead of the next UK strategic defence and security review process. It will engage academics and practitioners as well as those from industry with the outputs focusing on what needs to be done to develop CEMA as a battle-winning capability both in terms of the challenges and opportunities currently faced. 



Major General James Hockenhull, Director of Cyber Intelligence and Information Integration (DCI3), Ministry of Defence



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