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This conference will examine contemporary Humanitarian Law including issues surrounding the use of force in international relations, the politics of the international legal system and asymmetric warfare and humanitarian law. It will also discuss Military Ethics, in particular the conduct of warfare in the media age, contemporary means and methods of warfare. The event will conclude with a debate on the role of military ethics in contemporary warfare.

This is a particularly timely conference in view of the recent debates over the rule of law in the conduct of military affairs both with regard to the recent war in Iraq and the on-going ‘War on Terrorism’. In drawing together an audience from a range of disciplines, it is hoped that this conference will debate the broader issues surrounding humanitarian law and military ethics from legal, philosophical, political, theological and practical perspectives.

This is a two-day conference.

Further details, programme and conference fees will be available shortly on this page. For further information, contact Avnish Patel

Conference fee: £90 + £16.00 (106.00)

To attend email:

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