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The Horn of Africa was, and continues to be, Africa’s most tumultuous region. Although the disparate countries which make up the Horn of Africa community have made enormous strides in terms of development and investment, it is, for better or worse, the conflicts in the Horn of Africa which have focused international attention on the area.

There are various reasons for the conflicts, including religious, ethnic and political divisions, as well as clashes over resources. The recent Djibouti Agreement may offer hope for the future, but there is no consensus as yet on how the various conflicts can best be resolved. However, there is no doubt about the enormous global significance of the Horn of Africa, which is a strategic gateway to north Africa, the Middle East, and central and southern Africa.

The conflicts in the Horn of Africa have ranged across Sudan and Somalia, and have directly impacted on the politics and security of the Great Lakes region of central and eastern Africa. Each conflict is different, but they are often interconnected  and are part of a 'cluster' of conflicts which seriously impact on continental and  global security; the prevalence of piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea has also increased global concerns about  the security of maritime commerce There is also a tradition of external intervention in the troubles in the Horn, and the Horn diasporas are often major players in the affairs of their homelands. Nor can the British public afford to ignore the Horn; transnational terrorism remains a major threat to UK security.

This major one – day conference, which is run in partnership with  the Centre for Foreign Policy Analysis, brings together distinguished speakers who will discuss the major challenges in the Horn, as well as examining transnational security, and suggesting ways forward. 
Confirmed speakers include:

  • Sir Kieran Prendergast, Former UN Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs
  • H.E Berhanu Kebede, Ambassador of the Republic of Ethiopia
  • James Hart [ret Adm], Former Cmdr US Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa
  • Mohamoud Nur, Head, Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia
  • Iqbal Jhazbhay, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of South Africa
  • Mohamud Gure, Director, Somalia Diaspora Group
  • Dr Jamie Shea, Director of Policy Planning, Office of the NATO Secretary-General 
  • William Gumede, Programme Director, Africa –Asia Centre, SOAS [Former Deputy Editor of The Sowetan]


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