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Building on the success of the inaugural Military Influence Conference in 2015, RUSIs Future Strategic Communications Conference will examine how Strategic Communications can contribute to the increasing centrality of the information environment in contemporary and future conflict and the  interplay between the developing information environment and it's use in conflict.

The significance of the information environment has been seen most obviously in Russian activity in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine but it can also be seen in other conflicts around the world. Given that a key to contemporary and future warfare is domination of the narrative and obfuscation of the ‘facts’ on the ground, Strategic Communications whether delivered by governments, militaries or an alliance such as NATO clearly has a significant role to play.

The partnership with the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence and the Atlantic Council will ensure participation by both academics and practitioners with extensive expertise in the field.

Themes and topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding the contemporary challenges in the information environment: broad perspectives – from Russia and beyond

  • Stratcom policy developments in the US, NATO and EU

  • Capability development and management

  • Making Stratcom entertaining

This conference will be held in association with the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence and the Atlantic Council.

There is a 25% discount offered when registering for both Conflict and the Information Environment and the Warfare in the Information Age conferences. 

Conflict and the Information Environment: Future Strategic Communications conference only (+VAT):

  • Standard £100
  • Government £80
  • Academic £80
  • Corporate £80

Price for both conferences (+VAT):

  • Standard £150
  • Government £120
  • Academic £120
  • Corporate £120


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