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In spite of all the investment made on project management, why do some of the most highly resourced, independently evaluated, national-critical and politically important projects still fail to deliver what’s expected of them - and to cost, quality and time?  


This conference will launch a new research community to examine the causes of failure in complex programme management and assess why classical tools fail so often to deliver the results required in multi-national, multi-agency, multi-dollar and politically sensitive projects. The community - a select group of less than 20 organisations - will be drawn from a variety of backgrounds such as the charity sector, banking, mining, defence, health and IT and will gather on 04 March to examine the root causes of these 'wicked problems'. The event will then be open to a wider audience on 05 March to validate the initial findings of the group. The research community will continue to meet throughout the summer and draw its conclusions at another public forum in the autumn.


Interactive sessions will enable programme managers to explore these concepts in relation to their own experiences, interspersed with contributions from project partners:





RAdm Simon Henley, Technical Director Rolls Royce, former Programme Director Joint Strike Fighter and Vice Chair ICCPM

Alan Coffey, FT Project Director, Imperial College NHS Trust

Stephen Hayes, CEO, ICCPM who will be sharing findings from their international roundtables

Vicki Culpin, Director of Research, Ashridge Business School


Project Facilitators:

Sue Pritchard is a consultant, researcher and writer on leadership and change in complex systems

Nick Obolensky is a practitioner who has lectured around the world, writes and consults on leadership, change and complexity

Danny Chesterman consults, facilitates and coaches in multi stakeholder contexts in public service

Karen Ward researches, writes, teaches and consults on building sustainable strategic capability in complex environments

Ben Fuchs specializes in the people dynamics of strategic decision making

Steve Nicklen is a consultant and coach who develops leaders in complex systems

This research project is organised in association with SULEiS Consulting and is strictly aimed at top-level managers.  


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