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The evolution of technology has dramatically changed the way in which space is and can be used. New projects like OneWeb and Google’s TerraBella, which propose to launch hundreds of satellites into space with a view to providing low cost or free access to broadband and imagery services, will revolutionise the space business.

However, with non state actors such as Daesh already using Google maps and SATCOM to target their adversaries and commercially available satellite navigation technologies for manoeuvre, how this technology is deployed could have serious security implications.

At the same time space is becoming more and more contested. Senior Pentagon officials went on the record in April, expressing concern at the development of Chinese and Russian anti-satellite capabilities. This now includes ground based lasers to dazzle or blind satellites, direct ascent missile systems (Russian Nudol and Chinese SC-19 and DN-2), manoeuvring satellites, satellites with grappling arms, electromagnetic and cyber weapon systems. Worryingly, these systems are now being deployed against both military and commercial platforms, with the Russian Lauch satellite parking itself in close proximity to an Intelsat communications satellite and other platforms during 2015.

At this conference analysts from across the space community will consider the trends, use and future of the new era of space.

Speakers Include:

  • Winston A. Beauchamp, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force
  • Jillian Battersby, Head, Defence Strategy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Maj. Gen. Clinton E. Crosier, USAF, Director of Plans and Policy USSTRATCOM
  • Air Commodore Al Gillespie, Air Officer Battlespace Management, RAF
  • Brigadier General Jean-Daniel Testé, French Joint Space Command 
  • James Hinds, Head of Strategy for Space Systems, Airbus
  • Dr Mike Willlis, Head of Security Policy and Spectrum Management, UK Space Agency
  • Allen Antrobus, UK Delegate for UN Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee, UK Space Agency

Conference Prices

Standard: £250 + VAT

Corporate £200 + VAT

Government/SME/Academia £100 + VAT

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