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Asian powers in KashmirThe Kashmir Region has been afflicted recently by a rapid upsurge in civil violence. There are few signs of an impending resolution to the Kashmir dispute and local leaders remain embroiled in a vicious cycle of distrust, fear and recrimination.  This discussion will aim to evaluate measures to mitigate further deterioration of the security situation in Kashmir and will serve to provide a comprehensive analysis of the circumstances which fuel violent extremism in the region.

This conference will aim to explore the regional dynamics of ‘rising Asian powers’ in the region and the influences they exert on Kashmir. In particular the discussion will seek to assess the increasing influence of China and the potential for regional conflict over disputed territorial claims. The conference will further seek to examine the potential ‘spill over’ from the conflict in Afghanistan and the effect of a protracted conflict on Pakistan’s western front on Kashmir’s security.

A panel of well-known experts will identify measures to curb a descent towards another full-scale conflict in Kashmir.

Themes for discussion:

• A current assessment of violence in Kashmir - the global context
• The Kashmir Dispute and South Asian regional Security
• The role of China and Sino-Indian rivalry in the Kashmir dispute
• The post-Simla agreement environment and Indo-Pakistani dialogue

Invited speakers will include a selection of senior experts both from Islamabad, New Delhi and from Kashmir.

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