The Coming Flu Pandemic: Global Challenge, National Response

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The World Health Organization has warned that an influenza pandemic is both ‘inevitable’ and ‘imminent’.  While the UK government’s recently revised contingency plan seeks to control the health and social effects of an outbreak, current projections suggest a minimum of fifty thousand UK fatalities.  The impact on business and services is set to be severe: a twenty five per cent rise in hospital admissions for respiratory and related conditions and a doubling of private sector absenteeism.

This one-day RUSI workshop convened key figures from the medical, government and business communities to explore and discuss the society-wide impact of a flu pandemic in the UK. 

Sessions included:
- Introduction to Pandemic Flu
- Pandemic in the UK: Likely Societal Impact
- UK Government Contingency Planning: What can you expect?
- Likely Effect on the Private Sector: Mitigation to minimize Business Impact

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