China's Outlook on Energy Geopolitics Amidst Tensions in Ukraine

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RUSImotifA briefing event by Dr Michal Meidan

Dr Michal Meidan will talk about China's geopolitical energy picture in the wake of events in Ukraine, touching in particular upon how this is impacting China's relationship with Russia and Central Asia and China's views on the geopolitics of energy.

Dr Meidan is an independant consultant, advising leading global investors and government departments on their China strategies, with particular emphasis on the politics and geopolitics of the Chinese energy sector. She has worked as a Senior Analyst at the Eurasia Group's Asia practice, prior to which she headed the Energy and Environment Program at Asia Centre at Sciences Po. Dr Meidan was also a lecturer in the East Asia department at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she taught courses on China's political economy and Chinese integration into global politics and trade. She has authored numerous conference papers and edited the book Shaping China's Energy Security: The Inside Perspectives (2007). Dr Meidan holds a Ph.D in Political Science and East Asian studies from Sciences Po.

Please note this event is open to all. If you have any questions please email Stephanie Bacon at

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