China’s Role in Afghanistan Post-2014

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RUSI Logo 3The event will explore China's extensive economic and security interests in Afghanistan, and how Beijing's thinking is evolving about contributing to the country's stability post-2014.  This presentation will be given by Professor Pan Guang, Vice Chairman and Professor at the Shanghai Center for International Studies

Professor Pan has had a distinguished career in the field of Middle East and South Asian studies.  He is senior Advisor on Anti-Terror Affairs to Shanghai Municipality and to China's Ministry of Public Security. He sits on the International Council of the Asia Society in the United States, and was in 2005 appointed by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan as member of the High-Level Group for the UN Alliance of Civilizations. His publications include "A Comprehensive Studies on Shanghai Cooperation Organization", "China's Success in the Middle East" and "China's Anti-terror Strategy".

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