Britain's Trident Decision: Security Implications

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Royal United Services Institute and Oxford Research Group Joint Conference

"How might a UK decision to replace Trident affect key current proliferation concerns?  Regional and global perspectives"


RUSI and Oxford Research Group (ORG) will host a joint half-day conference with Ambassador Dr. Ali-Asghar Soltanieh, Iran's Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, addressing the question:

"How might a UK decision to replace Trident affect key current proliferation concerns? Regional and global perspectives".

This conference takes place in the context of the nuclear developments taking place in Iran and North Korea, and two days after the House of Commons debate and vote on Trident.

Dr. Soltanieh will be joined on the panel by Dr. Jim Hoare, former British Ambassador to Pyongyang, and Professor Farhang Jahanpour, tutor on Middle Eastern religion and politics at Oxford University's Department of Continuing Education.
Rear-Admiral Richard Cobbold, Director of RUSI, will be in the chair.

The speakers will examine the impact of Britain's Trident replacement decision on both recent and foreseeable regional and international nuclear developments, and what these developments are likely to have on the prospects for the nuclear non-proliferation regime.  Discussion will also address how the international community is going to deal with the challenges of a world with more concealed and declared nuclear-weapon states.
Coffee will be served from 10.00 before the conference, and sandwiches and wine will be served afterwards between 12.30-13.30.   

If you would like to attend then please contact Helen Wood Event Manager on or +44 (0)207 747 2643 or download a booking form here.

There will be a registration fee of £25.

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