A Briefing with the Minister of Defence of Georgia - Tinatin Khidasheli

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Tinatin Khidasheli - ImageRecent events in Ukraine have reminded the world not only of the fragility of European peace, but also of prominent security threats highly familiar to Georgia. At a time when the strength of partnerships and alliances are being tested, and the European security architecture itself has come under question, Georgia has remained highly engaged in building closer security ties with Europe and America. Examining security priorities from Georgia's perspective not only aids in solidifying these ties, but can also contribute useful insights into ways to improve European, and more specifically NATO's, current defence structures against new threats.

Georgia's Minister of Defence, Mrs Tinatin Khidasheli, will provide her thoughts on the key foreign and security policy priorities from Georgia's perspective. These will include how to deal with an antagonistic Russia; implications for wider European security of the Ukraine crisis; Georgia's contribution to Euro-Atlantic Security; Georgia-NATO relations; and potential cooperation on the rising threat of terrorism. 

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