Book Launch – We Love Death as You Love Life

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RUSImotifAs Mohammed Siddique Khan led his group of fellow-believers into London on the morning of July 7, 2005 it is unlikely that they were thinking much beyond the immediate impact of their actions.

Driven by anger at the West's treatment of Muslims worldwide, ideas fed to them by foreign extremists, and a sense of extreme rejection of the society in which they were born, they sought to reshape the world in an image they thought would be pleasing to God. But while they felt they were on a holy mission - as enunciated in Khan's chilling video message, We Love Death As You Love Life- a far more earthly arc of history underlay their actions.

Raffaello Pantucci, RUSI's Director of International Security Studies, will discuss the motivations behind Khan and his group, as well as the hundreds of young British Muslims who have been drawn by jihadist ideas both at home and abroad

Chaired by Professor Michael Clarke, Director General of RUSI, the book launch will feature insights by Lord Evans of Weardale, Senior Associate Fellow at RUSI and former Director General of the British Security Service (2007-2013).

Copies of Raffaello Pantucci’s book, We Love Death as You Love Life will be available for purchase.

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