Big Data for Air Forces Workshop

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Big Data* is transforming the way businesses operate. While the public sector is generally lagging, the potential to support transformation, and help to mitigate effects of enduring budgetary pressures, is becoming better understood and existing private sector examples translate readily to the armed forces.

  • Air Forces should be excited by the potential to dramatically improve the richness and fidelity of information and intelligence that could enable more Effective operational decision-making.
  • Operational planners could recognise the potential for increased Agility and responsiveness in quickly getting to grips with new contingencies that a structured approach to the exploitation of open-source information could bring.
  • Back office counts too: everyone with command responsibility will recognise the imperative to manage the business day to day to maximise the effect of combat power. Analytics offer the potential to transform capability, asset, financial and risk management to increase Efficiency at every level and to increase Compliance against the manifest legal, political, media and moral demands of the 21st century.

All organisations will want to join up disparate systems to make sense of 100% of data holdings and increasingly to incorporate and exploit open-source data. To stimulate discussion, this workshop will offer examples from other industries with direct parallels to the Defence Information Benefits (above in bold) that can increase the Value of information to support all aspects of Air Power.

This workshop will be presented by Ross Bailey, Defence Intelligence and ISR Campaign Lead, Hewlett-Packard and Simon Doyle, Solution Principal for Analytics and Data Management across HM Government, Hewlett-Packard.

* Data beyond the capacity of an organisation’s current systems to process quickly enough to influence decision-making – noting this covers Defence and Air Forces’ own data but increasingly open-source internet data and social media.

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