Anti-Corruption Reform and Business Security in Ukraine

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The Ukrainian government has talked publicly about the importance of reform, as well as the difficulties it has encountered in implementing the reform agenda. Despite proactive actions taken by the government to improve the country’s business and investment environment, companies operating in or seeking to invest in Ukraine continue to face considerable challenges.

Sponsored by KPMG, Bryan Cave and International Renaissance Foundation, this event will provide a unique forum for private companies, non-governmental organisations and government agencies to bring together their perspectives on the macro political environment with on-the-ground challenges for foreign investors in Ukraine.

First, international companies with operations in Ukraine will contribute insights from on-the-ground and suggest specific reform priorities for improving the investment climate. These observations and suggestions will be collated and will feed specific insights and suggestions into subsequent public discussions on the wider political, economic and regulatory environment, featuring participants from government, business, law and academia.

There will be a networking lunch and a drinks reception in the evening for all participants.

For more information about this event, please contact Hannah Croft, at

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