AML Technologies: New Tools to Combat Financial Crime

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RUSI LOGO 4The Centre for Financial Crime & Security Studies is delighted to invite you to a breakfast briefing on AML Technologies: New Tools to Combat Financial Crime.

As criminals find new schemes to circumvent law enforcement obstacles to illicit financial flows, the development of new technologies to increase the efficacy and efficiency of those efforts becomes paramount. The use of new technologies can provide benefits to due diligence processes for Knowing Your Customer, identifying Beneficial Ownership, and tracking transnational transfers, as well as general compliance practices.

This Breakfast Briefing will discuss the importance of addressing challenges to anti-money laundering and terrorist financing through the use of new technologies. Speakers will discuss how the use of specialised software and innovative programming designed to stop illicit financial flows can provide a solution. The panel includes Guy Sheppard, a senior member of the Financial Crime and KYC product management team at SWIFT, Graham White, former UK NTFIU and Dr Gianluca Stringhini, lecturer in Computer Science and Security and Crime Science at University College London.  The session will be followed by a short Q&A session

Coffee and pastries will be available from 0800.

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