‘Sex; Drugs and Rock & Roll’ - A Challenge to Well-being of the MENA?

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RUSImotifYoung ‘net savvy’ and increasingly radicalised populations?
Inadequate economic development and employment opportunities;
Growing disaffection with state and business structures and wealth distribution.
Rapid mobilisation of mass street demonstrations through Social Media.
Radicalising disaffection through Extremist Islamic and Sectarian Groups.
If Building Prosperity is a Strategic security issue across the region; what are the factors which affect it and how can it generate peace?
Come and hear from one of the leading researchers and commentators and consider the responses predicted, desired and required.

Ian Tunnicliffe is a Director at i to i research, over the past few years Ian has worked closely with the FCO and MOD on a range of communications research, and media projects and has been involved in projects in countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East including Syria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon,  Libya, Jordan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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ENTRANCE AND SECURITY: As visitors for the meeting you will need to present a copy of this email at the Visitors (St Stephen's) Entrance of the House of Commons and pass through security to be directed to Committee Room 6.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Defence and Diplomacy in the Middle East & North Africa was established in 2012. Its purpose is to examine current and future diplomatic responses, defence needs and actions across the MENA and near neighbours, with the Royal United Services Institute’s assistance bringing strategic vision from expert and internationally significant interlocutors into Parliament to inform debate. Members of RUSI, by kind invitation of the APPG Chair Dai Havard MP, are invited to attend the programme of meetings throughout the parliamentary year.

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