Chief of the Air Staff's Air Power Conference 2015
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RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2015
RUSI Land Warfare Conference 2015
30 June and 1 July 2015

The Land Warfare Conference, held annually on behalf of the Chief of the General Staff, brings together representatives from across the armed forces, government, academia and industry, as well as international allies and partners, with the aim of promoting professional debate on the issues that matter to the land forces community.

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UK PONI 2015 Annual Conference
UK PONI 2015 Annual Conference
UK PONI 2015 Annual Conference

Now in its fifth year, the UK PONI Annual Conference has become the largest regular gathering of the nuclear policy community in the UK, and an important forum for encouraging the emergence of a new generation of nuclear experts in academia, industry, government and the military.

UK PONI is currently inviting presentation proposals from students and emerging specialists who wish to discuss their ideas and research on contemporary nuclear subjects. Further details can be found in the call for proposals, which is available here. Proposals should be submitted to Timothy Stafford ( by 1700 GMT on Monday 20 April.

This event will be open to all UK PONI members. To register for UK PONI free of cost, please click here.

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