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Sea Power Virtual Conference 2021: Transforming Maritime Forces For an Age of Persistent Competition

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25 February 2021, 12:15
This conference will seek to examine the ways in which naval force structures, postures and concepts of operations will need to adjust to a strategic context in which the husbanding forces for high-intensity clashes will no longer suffice.

It now verges on a truism to note that the future operating environment will be characterized by persistent competition.  The distinction between peacetime and war is increasingly blurred, as nations’ strategic and operational concepts come to encompass the full spectrum of competitive measures.

This conference, taking place virtually, will draw on subject-matter experts from across the military and other uniformed services, industry, and academia to shed light on the priorities for maritime forces as they adapt to this shifting strategic and operational environment. It will attempt to shed light on how maritime forces can simultaneously deliver persistent effects in the context of limited competition, whilst still retaining the capacity to engage in limited warfighting at higher levels of intensity.

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