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Paper Launch - Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Through Education Initiatives

21 July 2020, 14:00
Invite Only
The second webinar in this series will provide insights into the role education can play in preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE).

Prevention is a vital pillar of counterterrorism (CT) strategies across the globe. Yet despite nearly 20 years of preventive initiatives, this issue continues to be highly politicised, misunderstood and contested. To help address this, RUSI has launched the Prevention Project, a series of literature reviews drawing on over 500 documents – from academic studies to programme evaluations and policy briefs – to interrogate the available P/CVE evidence base across different contexts.  

As part of the Prevention Project, the Terrorism and Conflict Research Group has completed a study assessing the evidence base of P/CVE interventions in the education sector. Given that it is often young people who are associated with violent extremist groups and activities, the prospect of reaching a majority of youths – including those who might be at risk of radicalisation or recruitment – through education interventions could be a central element in the reduction of terrorism globally. Yet, interventions in this space are not without challengesThe paper identifies and analyses some of the key assumptions that constitute the basis for interventions in the education sector and interrogates the evidence base for these commonly used assumptions and for the interventions that have emerged on a global level.  

This webinar will focus on what can work (and what has not worked) in education initiatives in P/CVE. The author, Claudia Wallner, will give an overview of the paper’s main conclusions, followed by presentations of academics and practitioners working on education and P/CVE 


  • Lynn DaviesEmeritus Professor of International Education, University of Birmingham; Director, ConnectFutures

  • Raafia Raees, Senior Psychologist, Social Welfare Academics and Training for Pakistan

  • Claudia Wallner, Research Analyst, Terrorism and Conflict Research Group, RUSI

This event will be chaired by: Gayatri Sahgal, Research Manager, RUSI 

This event is invitation only. If you have not received an invitation but still would like to attend, please feel free to view the live-stream on RUSI's YouTube page on the day of the event.
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