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NATO's Maritime Moment: Opportunities and Challenges for Alliance Maritime Power?

29 January 2016, 9:00
RUSI Whitehall
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This event will explore NATO’s Maritime structures and capability, the role it plays and the threats it faces.

Since the Wales Summit of 2014 there has been a growing interest in NATO's maritime posture and capabilities. The challenge from Russia has critical Atlantic, Baltic, Black Sea and now Eastern Mediterranean Sea dimensions. In parallel,  Contagion - the blending of threats, especially in the context of Daesh, terrorism and immigration, serves to test thinkers and policy makers.

Historically, NATO's naval forces have played a key role in assuring Allies, supporting maritime security and providing part of the NATO Response Force's immediate response posture. The Standing Naval Forces continue to provide a vital fulcrum for training, interoperability and readiness.

As the challenges proliferate including blue water naval power projection, anti-access and area denial, submarine warfare threats and the prospect of hybrid warfare tactics at sea, questions are raised including:

  • How should the West, and in this context the NATO Maritime Community, react?  
  • Are NATO's structures and capabilities up to the mark to signal resolve, assure Allies and deter aggression?
  • What does the future hold?
  • How should we innovate to make sure that we remain able to mitigate threats and ensure deterrence?

To address these questions RUSI is pleased to welcome:

  • Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone CB CBE, Royal Navy, Commander Allied Maritime Command in Northwood UK
  • Rear Admiral Jose Enrique Delgado Roig, Spanish Navy, the Commander of Standing Naval Maritime Group 1
  • Her Excellency Asta Skaisgiryte-Liauskiene, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to the United Kingdom

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