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Cyber Attacks – What Actual Harm Do They Cause?

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18 September 2020, 14:00
This event with Ciaran Martin, the first CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre considered the impact of cyber-attacks on the UK.

After six years leading the UK Government’s approach to cyber security, including as the founding CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre,  Ciaran Martin takes a fresh look at the impact of cyber-attacks on the UK, drawing on his personal experience to consider the actual harm caused, and using that assessment as a starting point for looking at what particular cyber challenges the UK Government needs to solve. 

Ciaran Martin was the first CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre. Prior to joining GCHQ in February 2014, Ciaran was Constitution Director at the Cabinet Office from 2011, helping to agree the framework for the Scottish independence referendum. From 2008-11 he was Director of Security and Intelligence at the Cabinet Office. His public service career has also included a series of roles in elsewhere in the Cabinet Office and in HM Treasury and the National Audit Office. 

This event will be chaired by Conrad PrinceDistinguished Fellow & Senior Adviser on Cyber Security, RUSI.

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