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US Election 2020

Now that the American people have elected Joe Biden as their next president, we examine the impact the new administration will have on international security and geopolitics.

In the run up to the US election, RUSI hosted events and published analysis examining the foreign policy and security implications.

With Joe Biden declaring victory, we will examine how his campaign promise of 'Restoring American Leadership' will differ from the last four years of 'America First' led by President Donald Trump.

Latest Commentary

The Impact of a Biden Presidency on the Middle East and North Africa
Commentary, 13 November 2020, by Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi, Antonio Giustozzi, Michael Stephens, H A Hellyer and Tobias Borck

What Europe Needs on Russia from a Biden Administration
Commentary, 12 November 2020, by Neil Melvin

Biden in the White House: A New Lease of Life for the West?
Commentary, 10 November 2020, by Malcolm Chalmers

A Biden Presidency: Reset or Renewal?
Commentary, 9 November 2020, By Karin von Hippel

US and UK Intelligence and Security Relationship: The Way Forward – Together
Commentary, 3 November 2020, by John Scarlett

The Implications of the US Elections on the Iranian Nuclear File, and the Likely Positioning of the UK
Commentary, 2 November 2020, by Alistair Burt

Previous Briefings: Watch Again

The Incoming Biden Administration: Views from Iran

Iranian experts offer their perspective on the incoming Biden administration after four tumultuous years under the leadership of Donald Trump.

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Impact of the US elections on the MENA

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How the Results Will Impact International Security

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Transatlantic Relations on Iran After the US Elections

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The US Election: Foreign and Security Policy Challenges for the Next President

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US Election 2020: What's in Store for Sanctions?

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Countering Interference at the Next US Election

Elisabeth Braw talks about efforts to counter foreign interference at the next US Election.

Foreign Election Interference:
A Bounty on Your Head
Commentary 28 August | Elizabeth Braw

Washington is offering $10 million for tips that would help authorities prevent possible cyber interference in the November elections. Unusual, but not necessarily unworkable.

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