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As the UK Parliament debates whether to extend air strikes against ISIS to Syria, RUSI experts offer their views on the case for military action and the forces that might be used

UK Air Strikes in Syria: Time for a Decision?

In this RUSI Briefing Paper, Professor Malcolm Chalmers explains why there may be an increasingly compelling case for extending UK counter-ISIS air strikes to Syria in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

Inherently Unresolved: Regional Politics and the Counter-ISIS Campaign

In the first part of RUSI's report on the Counter-ISIS campaign, edited by Dr Jonathan Eyal and Elizabeth Quintana, regional experts lay out the political backdrop to practical efforts to tackle the group.

Inherently Unresolved: The Military Operation Against ISIS

In the second part of the Counter-ISIS report, RUSI analysts examine three key elements of the military aspect: the air campaign, the land component and the battle of the narrative.

Brimstone II, Tornado GR.4 and ISR: The UK's Technical Contribution to Syria Strikes

Justin Bronk explains the capabilities of the aircraft and ordnance cited by Prime Minister David Cameron in his address to the House of Commons on the case for military intervention in Syria.

Are there 70,000 Syrian 'moderates' ready to back UK?

In this BBC News analysis, Michael Stephens breaks down the figure of 70,000 'moderate' Syrian fighters the prime minister has said UK air strikes would support.

*Header image: an RAF Tornado GR.4 based at RAF Lossiemouth. Crown copyright 2004

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