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Newsbrief Vol.37 No.1

The Trump Presidency: Reaction and Analysis

Commentary, 9 November 2016
United States, Global Security Issues
In the run-up to Donald Trump's inauguration as US president, RUSI experts offered objective analysis on how a Trump presidency would shape defence and security in the UK, the US and across the world.

Assessing President-elect Trump's Foreign Policy Priorities

9 November 2016. An assessment of the victor's foreign policy priorities for BBC Radio 4's Today programme. Listen here

The Vlad and Donald Show: Russia–US Relations Get Personal

14 December 2016. US President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination of ExxonMobile Chief Executive Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State is being interpreted in Russia as a friendly move. It comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin mentioned US–Russia relations in the most positive light since the Ukraine war began in 2014. Read more

Why is Trump Favouring Military Leadership Skills for his Team?

8 December 2016. US President-elect Donald Trump’s preference for retired and serving generals for leading positions in his administration is controversial and has stimulated a renewed debate about the nature of the civil–military relationship. Read more

Trump and Asia: Tokyo and Seoul Proliferation Prospects

5 December 2016. Amid worrying remarks from President-elect Donald Trump and North Korean provocations, there are growing fears that Japan and South Korea might seek to acquire a nuclear capability. However, this anxiety is misplaced, for it does not take into account the political and technical options available to Tokyo and Seoul. Read more

Trump, Mexico and Organised Crime: How to Make a Bad Situation Worse

2 December 2016. If Trump enacts two of the main pledges from his presidential campaign – the wall along the US­­–Mexico border and mass deportations – he will be helping, not hindering, organised crime groups in the region. Read more

Britain and Asia in a Trumpian World: Only Connect

21 November 2016. As the US appears set to limit its global involvement under President-elect Donald Trump and China intensifies its engagements across the world, an opportunity has arisen for Britain. It is one the UK government should seize. Read more

Donald Trump: A Dispassionate Look at his Military Plans

14 November 2016. Most of the initial comments about Donald Trump’s surprising electoral victory last week have been of the emotional kind. Here is a more dispassionate look at what his declared policies mean for the defence sector. Read more

Preparing British Defences for a Trumpian World

11 November 2016. If Donald Trump delivers on some of his more radical ideas, the UK’s defence establishment will face huge new challenges as the country disengages from the EU. Read more

Russia and Donald Trump

10 November 2016. President Vladimir Putin’s interference in the US elections appears to have succeeded in at least heaping ridicule on its electoral system. But that does not mean that President-elect Donald Trump is beholden to Moscow, or that Russia has acquired an ally in the White House. Read more

The Trump Presidency: A First Glance from London

9 November 2016. As the world prepares for Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States in January, here are some key issues that the British defence establishment will need to consider. Read more

Trump and International Security

9 November 2016. Although power has shifted from West to East in recent years, the US remains the core of the liberal international order. The election of Donald Trump is a profound shock to that order, particularly in parts of the world that depend on a predictable and stable US military presence and commitment. Read more

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