Attribution Quotes

'In you Mr Churchill, we recongnise the pre-eminant master of today. Not only have you made history but you have recorded it ... Your military works have ranged from the great campaigns of Marlborough to the gigantic operations of the later war in which you were our trusted and triumphant leader. They have become and will remain ... epics of our national achievements ...'

'To Captain A. T. Mahan, US Navy 'in consideration of the three great works  ... The Influence of Sea Power upon History, The Influence of Sea Power of upon the French Revolution and Empire, and The Life of Nelson.'

'It is one fo the ironies of history in our time that the enemies of Britain in war should have brought Britain nearly to her kness through the use of tactical techniques evolved in Britain' [by] Hart and Fuller

Past Recipients

Churchill Recieving Chesney GM  Getty Images
Sir Winston Churchill receiving the Chesney Gold Medal from Admiral Sir Henry Moore at Whitehall in London on 4 July 1950. (Photo by Ron Case/Keystone/Getty Images)

In 1899, RUSI's Council established the Chesney Gold Medal to recognise an author of 'any especially eminent work calculated to advance the military sciences and knowledge.' In 2000, that Council's successors decided to update the award, and that henceforth 'the medal should be awarded from time to time to the originator of distinguished or authoritative work or works that have added to knowledge or achieved advances in the defence and international security fields to the benefit of the United Kingdom and the Western Alliance'.

The full list

1900 Captain Alfred Thayer MAHAN USN

1907 Major General Sir Frederick MAURICE

1909 The Hon J W FORTESCUE

1910 Sir John Knox LAUGHTON

1911 Professor C WC OMAN

1913 Colonel Sir Lonsdale Augustus HALE

1914 Sir Julian CORBETT

1919 Major General E D SWINTON

1921 Major General Sir Charles CALLWELL

1924 Professor G A R CALLENDER

1925 Captain Sir George ARTHUR

1926 Vice Admiral Sir Herbert RICHMOND

1927 Brigadier-General Sir James E EDMONDS


1929 Colonel H C WYLLY

1930 Dr C E WBEAN

1931 Commander C N ROBINSON

1932 Colonel C de WCROOKSHANK MP

1936 Professor Spenser WILKINSON

1950 The Rt Hon Winston S CHURCHILL

1955 Sir Arthur BRYANT

1963 Major General J F C FULLER and Captain Sir Basil LIDDELLHART

1965 Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John SLESSOR

1968 Professor Arthur J MARDER

1973 Professor Michael HOWARD

1975 Captain Stephen WROSKILLRN

1981 John TERRAIN and Ronald LEWIN

1985 General Sir John HACKETT

1991 Correlli BARNETT

1997 The Marquess of ANGLESEY

2000 Baroness THATCHER 

2006 Sir Lawrence FREEDMAN

2013 General David H PETRAEUS


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