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US soldier speaks with village elder RUSI Newsbrief: A Pakistani and Pasthunwali Perspective on Af-Pak 31 May 2011
Af-Pak was hailed as a radical but effective change to US policy. But does it successfully take into account the cultural differences in the region? The Pakistan Nexus Terrorism The War on Terror Afghanistan Central and South Asia Pakistan
Bin Laden RUSI Newsbrief: Death of a Criminal 31 May 2011 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
America's most wanted man has been killed just months before the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Will his legacy live on? Al-Qa'ida Terrorism The War on Terror Pakistan Central and South Asia Afghanistan
Pakistan flag Analysis: Implications of the Karachi attack 23 May 2011 by Shashank Joshi
The co-ordinated attack on a Pakistani naval base, the latest assault on a military facility, raises deep questions about the security of the country's nuclear weapons and the endurance of Pakistan's relationship with China and the United States. Pakistan Central and South Asia China Pacific Terrorism The Pakistan Nexus Indo-Pakistan Conflict
Osama Bin Laden Analysis: The Death of Bin Laden: Analysing the Implications 6 May 2011 by Dr Tobias Feakin, Professor Michael Clarke, Margaret Gilmore, Valentina Soria, Barak Seener
RUSI's experts examine the implications of the death of Osama Bin Laden and the operation that led to his killing UK Europe Pakistan Central and South Asia Terrorism Al-Qa'ida The War on Terror The Pakistan Nexus
Analysis: The Killing of Osama: Easy Operation as a result of Hard Intelligence 6 May 2011 by Professor Michael Clarke
The audacious operation that killed Osama Bin Laden was completed relatively shortly. It reaped the benefits of a careful intelligence operation that lasted months, if not years. Intelligence Terrorism Al-Qa'ida The Pakistan Nexus United States Americas Pakistan Central and South Asia
Pakistani soldiers Swat Analysis: Osama bin Laden: Pakistan faces the music 4 May 2011 by Shashank Joshi
Even though diplomatic tension simmers between Pakistan and the United States over the death of Bin Laden, the tension may well be short-lived. Islamabad will continue its narrative of ignorance; Washington, in turn, will continue to fictionalise Pakistan's sovereignty as it reaps the fruits of Operation Geronimo. Al-Qa'ida Terrorism The Pakistan Nexus Pakistan Central and South Asia
UAV 2 Analysis: Unmanned Systems: Confusing Ethics 20 Apr 2011 by Elizabeth Quintana
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have prompted widespread criticism, despite having proven their value in a variety of contexts. In many cases, their use may be the most logical - and safest - option. Technology Aerospace Law and Ethics Afghanistan Central and South Asia Pakistan Iraq Middle East and North Africa
Kashmiri protesters RUSI Journal: The Proxy Calculus: Kabul, not Kashmir, Holds the Key to the Indo-Pakistani Relationship 7 Dec 2010
Mutual engagement over Afghanistan could be the key to improving Indo-Pakistani relations India Central and South Asia Pakistan
Ashes Urn Analysis: Ashes and Imperialism 2 Dec 2010 by Avnish Patel
The Ashes represents one of the greatest sporting rivalries in the world. The shared Imperial history between England and Australia creates a political undercurrent that adds a certain frisson to the contest. This represents cricket's unique ability to transcend the boundaries of the field and influence a nation's politics and culture. UK Europe India Central and South Asia Afghanistan Pakistan History
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