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Indian Flag 2 Analysis: The Implementation of India's Defence Offset Policy 31 Jan 2013 by Dr Joanna Spear
India's defence markets become ever more lucrative as the country propels itself to superpower status. However, if India wishes to use offsets to create a strong indigenous defence industry, it needs to foster a transparent and streamlined regulatory environment. Defence Management India Central and South Asia
NB 201209 Cole RUSI Newsbrief: Weapons of Minor Destruction: Minimising the Threat 4 Sep 2012 by Jennifer Cole
What can be done to address the growing threat posed by easily available ‘dual-use’ materials in developing regions of the world? Global Security Issues Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy India Central and South Asia
COPYRIGHTRUSIMonitorCBRNReailty6-9Dec08-4jpg News: RUSI-ORF Report: India exposed to CBR Terrorism 14 Jun 2012
A research study by Observer Research Foundation (ORF) and Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) has found that there is a clear danger to India from CBR (Chemical, Biological and Radiological Materials) terrorism due to the known intentions of terrorist groups active within India's borders. Global Security Issues Terrorism India Central and South Asia
Indian Flag 2 Analysis: New Delhi's New Missile: A Watershed for India's Nuclear Arsenal 20 Apr 2012 by Shashank Joshi
No Indian missile has been assigned as much political significance as the newly tested Agni-V. The ripening of India's second-strike capability will provide reassurance to India about the strategic balance, and indicate the direction of its nuclear forces. India Central and South Asia Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Global Security Issues
Towards a Stable Afghanistan News: Urgent requirement to consider provision of security and stability in Afghanistan after 2014 drawdown 18 Jan 2012
Both India and the UK will likely make long-term funding commitments in Afghanistan beyond 2014, with the UK alone contributing some US$150 million annually for development and a further US$100 million for supporting the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) after the NATO drawdown, according to a new report published by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). India Central and South Asia Afghanistan
Typhoon take-off Analysis: India’s procurement of a European Fighter 16 Jan 2012 by Avnish Patel
India is setting its sights on a new medium range combat aircraft from Europe. The competition to sell new aircraft to India is part of an increased engagement by European defence manufacturers in Asia, set against the backdrop of an economic downturn and shifting regional geopolitics. Aerospace Technology Defence Policy Equipment and Acquisitions UK Defence India Central and South Asia
2012 button Analysis: Aftershocks and Transitions: an Unashamedly Speculative Look at 2012 15 Dec 2011 by Shashank Joshi
If this year brought us an earthquake, then 2012 will be a year of aftershocks and transitions. Speculate as we might, we must still prepare for the predictable but watch for the surprises. India Central and South Asia Afghanistan Pakistan Egypt Middle East and North Africa The Gulf Region Libya Iran Iraq Middle East Peace Europe Pacific Americas
Bayly_Mountbatten_thumbnail RUSI Journal: Fighting and Talking: Politics and War in South and Southeast Asia, 1936-56 9 Dec 2011
Lord Louis Mountbatten is known today for his controversial role in overseeing Indian partition and independence but his efforts had a much more positive, long-lasting impact than is widely recognised History Pakistan Central and South Asia India
Ade_Stringing the Pearls RUSI Newsbrief: Stringing the Pearls: Sino-Indian Relations in South Asia 23 Nov 2011
The rivalry between India and China is born of the two countries’ traditional perceptions of each other, yet the eastward shift of geopolitical power has now made this once local rivalry significant to the whole world. India Central and South Asia China Pacific
Khan_Pakistan Deterrence RUSI Journal: Minimum Deterrence: Pakistan’s Dilemma 7 Oct 2011
In deterring its larger neighbour, Pakistan faces tough choices in its nuclear posture Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Strategy Global Security Issues Pakistan Central and South Asia India
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