China's Security Concerns and Its National Security Strategy
In an address to RUSI Members, Maj Gen Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) ...

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2012 button Analysis: VIDEO: Perspectives for 2012 16 Dec 2011 by Professor Michael Clarke
RUSI Director General Professor Michael Clarke offers his defence and international security perspectives for the year ahead. International Institutions Global Security Issues Middle East and North Africa Pacific Europe Americas Afghanistan Central and South Asia
2012 button Analysis: China 2012: the Year of the Dragon 16 Dec 2011 by Alexander Neill
In 2012, the Asia-Pacific region will not be immune to transition, and China's dominant role will be emphasised in its relationship with Taiwan and the wider region. Pacific China
2012 button Analysis: Aftershocks and Transitions: an Unashamedly Speculative Look at 2012 15 Dec 2011 by Shashank Joshi
If this year brought us an earthquake, then 2012 will be a year of aftershocks and transitions. Speculate as we might, we must still prepare for the predictable but watch for the surprises. India Central and South Asia Afghanistan Pakistan Egypt Middle East and North Africa The Gulf Region Libya Iran Iraq Middle East Peace Europe Pacific Americas
Eurofighter formation Analysis: A Typhoon over Japan? 14 Dec 2011 by Alexander Neill, Chiaki Akimoto
On 16 December Japan will decide the winning aircraft bid for the 'F-X' programme. Along with the usual technical considerations, the bidding process has sparked larger strategic questions for the direction of Japan's national security and could pave the way for greater European involvement in Asia. Aerospace Japan Pacific
Analysis Podcast thumb Analysis: ANALYSIS PODCAST: Chinese Power and the Eurozone Crisis 25 Nov 2011 by Elizabeth Pearson
In this RUSI Analysis podcast, we turn East to China, lately the focus of European financial hopes. Europe China Pacific
Ade_Stringing the Pearls RUSI Newsbrief: Stringing the Pearls: Sino-Indian Relations in South Asia 23 Nov 2011
The rivalry between India and China is born of the two countries’ traditional perceptions of each other, yet the eastward shift of geopolitical power has now made this once local rivalry significant to the whole world. India Central and South Asia China Pacific
Vietnam Memorandum of Understanding News: RUSI forges partnership with Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam 26 Oct 2011 by Alexander Neill
Vietnamese Vice-Foreign Minister signs Memorandum of Understanding to secure partnership between RUSI and Vietnam's leading foreign and security policy think tank. Pacific
Arctic Willis thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: Russia and China: Arctic Phantom Menaces 28 Sep 2011 by Matthew Willis
Until UK policy-makers' understanding of Arctic geopolitics has reached full maturity, they should avoid falling into the trap of seeing phantom threats UK Europe China Pacific Russia
CSC Graham thumbnail RUSI Newsbrief: The South China Sea: Europe's Problem Too 28 Sep 2011 by Euan Graham
As ASEAN's second largest trade partner, should the EU be doing more to protect its interests in the South China Sea? European Union International Institutions China Pacific
Nuclear Police Analysis: Renaissance on Hold: Public Opinion and Nuclear Energy in Southeast Asia 22 Sep 2011 by Andrea Berger
The Fukushima disaster earlier this year has raised many doubts about the feasibility of future nuclear energy programmes. This debate has been given greater prominence in Southeast Asia as developing states contend with the prospects of future energy shortages. Technology Pacific
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