China's Security Concerns and Its National Security Strategy
In an address to RUSI Members, Maj Gen Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) ...

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Peace Ark RUSI Newsbrief: Military Medical Assistance as Soft-Power Projection: New Lessons from China? 29 Sep 2015
China's emphasis on military medical assistance constitutes a unique strategy of soft-power projection and one of the most concerted programmes of military diplomacy in the world Maritime Forces Pacific China
China flag Analysis: China’s Stock Market Crash Threatens Her Global Power Ambitions 27 Aug 2015 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
China’s stock market crash is not the beginning of a global economic downturn, or the start of a Chinese recession. But it is a reminder of just how fragile China remains, and how far it still is from the status of a global power. Pacific China
PLAN thumbnail RUSI Defence Systems: China’s Defence White Paper: Prospects for More Expansive Power Projection 16 Jul 2015
The strategic vision outlined in China’s recent defence White Paper points to a will to project state power beyond its immediate environs. China’s regional neighbours are right to be concerned Aerospace Maritime Forces Pacific China
China soldiers Analysis: Sino-Indian Cooperation for a Stable and Prosperous Afghanistan 24 Jun 2015
As US and ISAF troops are drawn down in Afghanistan, it is becoming increasingly clear that the void left by the withdrawing nations might have to be filled by Afghanistan’s neighbours. Central and South Asia India Afghanistan Pacific China
Naval radar plotting RUSI Journal: Triple Barrels: The Economic, Financial and Maritime Warfare Nexus in the Twenty-First Century 29 Apr 2015
As the global power balance shifts to incorporate a growing China, the Royal Navy must adapt to the exigencies of the post-Cold War incarnation of the East–West struggle Maritime Forces UK Defence Armed Forces Global Strategy and Commitments UK Pacific
Malaysian and Singaporean marines storm boat RUSI Journal: Maritime Security and Threats to Energy Transportation in Southeast Asia 29 Apr 2015 by Euan Graham
Shipments of vital energy supplies through the congested Straits of Malacca and Singapore continue in high numbers despite their vulnerability to piracy, conflict and legal-passage disputes Maritime Forces Pacific China Japan
Japanese naval personnel distribute aid RUSI Journal: Beyond the Gunboats: Rethinking Naval Diplomacy and Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief in East Asia 29 Apr 2015
Common views of East Asian maritime diplomacy as solely coercive neglect to consider the power of co-operative efforts, such as Japan’s naval humanitarian relief operations Maritime Forces Pacific Japan
Abe and Japanese flag thumb Analysis: Japan’s PR Strategy: Narratives in the Information Age 20 Apr 2015 by Edward Schwarck
Japan’s more activist security policy is arguably successful in design and implementation. It is, however, failing in how it is being presented to the public. Pacific Japan
Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank AIIB Founding Ceremony Analysis: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: a Test of Leadership for the US and China 17 Apr 2015
China has established a global financial institution that focuses on building roads, railways and other key infrastructure projects crucial to development in Asia. Though there are concerns raised by the United States, the formulation of the AIIB ties China further into a multilateral system. International Institutions Pacific China
Man Haron Monis Analysis: Learning Lessons from the Sydney Siege: How did Man Haron Monis Slip Through the Net? 18 Dec 2014 by Dr Tobias Feakin
The tragic end to the hostage situation in Sydney’s Central Business District has, in many ways, left more questions than answers for the Australian government and public. Terrorism Tackling Extremism Pacific
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