China's Security Concerns and Its National Security Strategy
In an address to RUSI Members, Maj Gen Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) ...

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Antinarcotics China Thumb RUSI Journal: Mafia State: The Evolving Threat of North Korean Narcotics Trafficking 4 Nov 2014
The burgeoning illicit-drugs trade emanating from North Korea poses a severe threat to the region and beyond Organised Crime Global Security Issues North Korea China
Senkaky Islands Thumb RUSI Journal: Why China is Not a Global Power 4 Nov 2014
China has neither the soft-power attributes nor the clearly articulated foreign policy necessary to become a genuinely global power International Institutions Pacific China
Chinese APC RUSI Defence Systems: Armoured Vehicles: The Future of Chinese Military Exports? 18 Sep 2014
Attention often focuses on Chinese aerospace and cyber capabilities - but armoured vehicles also demand attention (Free access) Land Forces China
Narendra Modi meets  Xi Jinping of China in New Delhi September 2014 Indian Foreign Ministry photo Analysis: Xi and Modi: Continuity in Sino-Indian relations 18 Sep 2014 by Shashank Joshi
Xi Jinping has begun the first visit by a Chinese president to India for eight years, with a new prime minister in Delhi. But how do we reconcile the bonhomie in Delhi, with thousands of troops squaring off at the border? Central and South Asia India Pacific China
East Asian submarine thumb RUSI Newsbrief: Submarine Modernisation in East Asia: Competitive Strategies 2 Sep 2014
Submarines are becoming an increasingly valuable strategic asset in East Asia, where China’s growing assertiveness and military modernisation are fuelling an ongoing arms competition (Free access) Maritime Forces Pacific China Japan
Market in Urumqi Analysis: China’s Domestic Insurgency 23 Jul 2014 by Raffaello Pantucci
Five years on from the most lethal rioting seen in China for decades, Beijing has still not managed to refine its strategy towards Xinjiang. Problems in the province increasingly resemble a domestic insurgency needing a comprehensive preventative approach Pacific China
Hong Kong flag Analysis: Should the UK Support the Hong Kong Protests? 21 Jul 2014 by Edward Schwarck
The UK government has been roundly criticised for failing to voice its support for an increasingly vocal coalition of pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong, as they demand universal suffrage in elections for the territory’s Chief Executive in 2017. Yet should the UK take heed of its critics? Europe UK Pacific China
Turkish-Chinese economic forum RUSI Newsbrief: The Chinese Arms Industry: Between Fantasy and Reality 19 May 2014
With China’s arms industry developing rapidly, European defence industries should prepare for strong, export-led competition in the not-so-distant future. Defence Policy China
Cyber security 2012 lead event Analysis: What Does the Cyberspace Landscape Look Like in the Asia-Pacific? 24 Apr 2014 by Dr Tobias Feakin
Already contending with a tense geopolitical backdrop, there is an urgent need for countries in Asia to cooperate, if not harmonise on cyber security issues and reduce their respective vulnerabilities. Technology Cyber India Pacific North Korea China Japan
Putin and Xi Jinping Analysis: Ukraine: Quiet Support for Russia Will Harm China's Long-Term Interests 11 Apr 2014 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
Though China is reticent over aspects of Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine, the general assumption in Beijing is that China could benefit from the Ukraine crisis. But a more careful look at the potential fallout from the showdown indicates that China’s strategic horizons are not as rosy as currently assumed. Central and South Asia Europe Ukraine Russia Pacific China
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