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1-2 November 2016

RUSI held its third annual conference in Tokyo to enable policymakers in Japan and the UK to move towards the ambitious goal to forge a truly strategic relationship between the two geographically distant, but like-minded nations.

Looking at the many ways in which Japan and the UK can cooperate on defence and security matters, the UK-Japan Security Dialogue is the leading bilateral security conference between the two nations and the flagship event in RUSI Japan’s programme.

The conference promoted UK-Japan defence and security cooperation, which has become increasingly active since the 2012 memorandum on defence cooperation by the Prime Ministers of both countries. By doing so, the conference builds upon the deep bonds of friendship between the two countries. Importantly, the conference took place during the first-ever joint exercise between Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF).


Top officials from the Japanese and British government participated at the conference, as well as experts from private sectors. Speakers included Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, Mr Kimihiro Ishikane, Deputy Vice-Minister for Foreign Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Sir Richard Barrons, Mr. Itsunori Onodera MP, Admiral Umio Otsuka and Mr. Shigeo Yoneda, National Police Agency.

The conference explored a number of strategic areas, including:

  • The shared geopolitical risks that the UK and Japan faces;
  • The present status and future of joint initiatives on defence equipment;
  • Technological developments on the battlefield and the use of expeditionary forces;
  • Non-conventional threats facing the two nations, such as from cyber-terrorism and nuclear proliferation;
  • Technological cooperation on counter-terrorism.

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International Conference Hall,
First Members' Building of the House of Representatives,
Tokyo, Japan