Is There a Right to Humanitarian Intervention?
A lecture by the Rt Hon Lord Falconer of Thoroton QC, former Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs and Lord Chancellor. ...

Adrian Johnson

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lake chad basin flag 2 Analysis: Is Big Brother in Trouble? Regionalisation of the Boko Haram Crisis Challenges Nigeria’s Leadership Position 26 Jan 2015
Nigeria’s inability to tackle Boko Haram has prompted neighbouring countries to look for external assistance and challenge Nigeria’s claim to leadership in West Africa. International Institutions United Nations Africa
Ebola mask RUSI Newsbrief: Learning From Ebola in Sierra Leone 26 Jan 2015 by Cathy Haenlein, Ashlee Godwin
The performance of Sierra Leone’s security forces under the severe test posed by Ebola reveals substantial lessons for future security-sector reform efforts (free access) Global Security Issues UK Defence Africa
AMISOM soldier close up RUSI Newsbrief: The Hydra-Headed Challenge of Al-Shabaab's Financing 26 Jan 2015 by Tom Maguire
Despite extensive efforts to close down its international sources of funding, Al-Shabaab continues to find new means to finance its activities from more diverse, localised and criminalised income streams Terrorism Al-Qa'ida Africa
AMISOM fighter RUSI Newsbrief: Fending For Themselves: Al-Qa'ida Affiliates and the Crime–Terror Nexus 26 Jan 2015 by Sasha Jesperson, Clare Ellis
As robust counter-terrorism financing measures post 9/11 have forced Al-Qa’ida affiliates to diversify their sources of income, greater attention needs to be paid to the nature and complexities of specific groups’ links to organised crime (free access) Organised Crime Terrorism Al-Qa'ida Africa
Kiir South Sudan thumb RUSI Newsbrief: The Battle for Leadership in South Sudan 26 Nov 2014 by Sasha Jesperson
With the most recent peace agreement in South Sudan having broken down, the country’s path towards peace looks set to be both long and troubled Africa Sudan
AMISOM thumb RUSI Newsbrief: A Force Defeated? The Challenges Facing Al-Shabaab 26 Nov 2014
In the wake of the death of former Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane, how will the group evolve in response to the many challenges it faces? Terrorism Al-Qa'ida Africa Horn of Africa
Hollande NATO summit 2014 thumb RUSI Newsbrief: France in NATO: Personal Views à la Française 26 Nov 2014
As NATO seeks to reorient itself following this year’s crises in Europe and the Middle East, France can use its centrality to NATO’s command structure to shape the Alliance’s decision-making European Union NATO France Africa
Ebola mask Thumb RUSI Journal: Conflict, Post-Conflict and Failed States: Challenges to Healthcare 4 Nov 2014 by Jennifer Cole
Epidemics such as polio and ebola are difficult to tackle without an appreciation of the local conditions and culture Resilience Global Security Issues Pakistan Middle East and North Africa Syria Africa
DrPeter Clement WHO Analysis: Securing the Spread: Community Engagement and the Military Management of Ebola in Sierra Leone 15 Oct 2014 by Lauren Twort
Britain is set to deploy 600 additional military personnel to Sierra Leone to combat the Ebola virus. Yet the military is only half of what is needed to tackle this global threat. Global Security Issues Africa
 A female African Bush Elephant raises her trunk as a warning sign in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania Wikimedia Commons p Analysis: Is the Nexus Between the Illegal Wildlife and Forestry Trade and Transnational Security Finally Being Taken Seriously? 15 Jul 2014 by Tom Keatinge
Deprived of traditional methods of funding from donor countries and the diaspora, terrorist groups such as Al-Shabaab are turning to the illegal wildlife and forestry trade to sustain their activities. Organised Crime Terrorism Africa Horn of Africa
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