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A Return to East of Suez?
UK Military Deployment to the Gulf

Britain may be on course to become more directly involved in Gulf security as the US reorients towards the Far East and Pacific Rim.

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Putin and Xi Jinping Analysis: Ukraine: Quiet Support for Russia Will Harm China's Long-Term Interests 11 Apr 2014 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
Though China is reticent over aspects of Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine, the general assumption in Beijing is that China could benefit from the Ukraine crisis. But a more careful look at the potential fallout from the showdown indicates that China’s strategic horizons are not as rosy as currently assumed. Central and South Asia Europe Ukraine Russia Pacific China
Putin and Xi Jinping Analysis: Tensions Over Ukraine: Where Does China Sit? 11 Apr 2014 by Raffaello Pantucci
On the growing crisis over Ukraine, China has remained quietly supportive of Russia. Yet, Russia overestimates and exaggerates China’s level of support that is closer to acquiescence rather than actual support for the turmoil that Russia is engendering. Europe Ukraine Russia Pacific China
Analysis: US-Russia Diplomatic Feelers Over Ukraine: Based on Wrong Assumptions 7 Apr 2014 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
The US and Russia have vowed to continue negotiations aimed at defusing the Ukraine crisis. But the current diplomatic negotiations between Washington and Moscow will achieve nothing, since they are based on wrong US assumptions and may encourage the worst Russian instincts. Europe Ukraine Russia United States
Climate Change and Security Analysis: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Warns of Serious Future Security Challenges 7 Apr 2014 by Duncan Depledge
The latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change contains an extensive chapter on the implications of climate change for human security. The implications for defence and security planners are huge. Global Security Issues Climate Security
News: RUSI Briefing Examines Possible Russian Military Strategies Against Ukraine 4 Apr 2014 by Dr Igor Sutyagin, Professor Michael Clarke
Based on current knowledge, expert insight and research, RUSI has published a briefing setting out four military scenarios that now have to be factored into the political calculations for Russian and Ukranian militaries. Ukraine Russia
Computer keyboard Analysis: Five Unanswered Questions on the UK’s New Computer Emergency Response Team 2 Apr 2014 by Calum Jeffray
The UK’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) was launched this week to universal nods of approval. Questions remain, however, over how it will achieve its aims and what value it will add in an increasingly crowded UK network of cyber security teams. Resilience Technology Cyber Europe UK
Prince Muqrin Abdul Aziz al Saud [thmbnail image] Analysis: Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince: A Sign of Real Transition Ahead? 1 Apr 2014 by Michael Stephens
Even though he may be 68-years-old, the appointment of Muqrin bin Abdulaziz al-Saud to Deputy Crown Prince suggests that Saudi Arabia is paving the way for a careful transition of power to a younger generation of princes. Middle East and North Africa The Gulf Region
Free Syria Army Idlib February 2012 - Photo by tinyccSyriaFreedom Analysis: Thick As Thieves: European Criminals Take to Syria’s Battlefield 31 Mar 2014 by Raffaello Pantucci
Individuals with known criminal histories are a surprisingly common feature of the current Syrian battlefield. While their motives may be a combination of redemption and opportunism, returnees in this mode pose a complicated threat picture for security services to process if they return. Terrorism Tackling Extremism Securing Britain Middle East and North Africa Syria
Xingjiang mosque china thumb Analysis: Terrorism in China: Seeing the Threat Clearly 28 Mar 2014 by Edward Schwarck
Recent Western and Chinese media focus on terrorism in Xinjiang has diverted attention away from the greater threat that Beijing faces from its ethnic Uighur population: namely a repeat of the large-scale rioting that hit the regional capital of Urumqi in 2009. Terrorism China
Ukraine flag Analysis: Ukraine's Ground Forces 27 Mar 2014 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
Having effectively annexed Crimea, Russia now threatens the territorial integrity of the rest of Ukraine. How are Ukraine's ground forces configured to deal with the challenge? Dr Igor Sutyagin, RUSI Research Fellow for Russia Studies has researched the following map. Europe Ukraine Russia

Analysis from RUSI publications

Articles from RUSI periodicals: RUSI Journal, RUSI Newsbrief and RUSI Defence Systems

Soldier on Liaoning RUSI Newsbrief: Arms Races and Conferences: Asia’s Naval Build-Ups through the Lens of History 25 Mar 2014
A revised version of the 1921 Washington Conference could prove useful in facilitating dialogue in the face of ongoing naval modernisation in the Asia-Pacific Maritime Forces Pacific China Japan United States
PLA Unit 61398 RUSI Newsbrief: The Shadow of Chinese Cyber-Operations 25 Mar 2014
The proliferation of cyber-attacks and the inability to prove their source beyond doubt suggest that the cybersphere will remain a heavily contested strategic domain Technology Cyber China
Afghan Air Force Mi-17 helicopter RUSI Newsbrief: The Afghan Air Force: Ready to Fly Solo? 25 Mar 2014 by Justin Bronk
As ISAF prepares to depart from Afghanistan, a functioning Afghan Air Force is proving the most challenging military capability to build and maintain NATO Afghanistan
Li Keqiang and Traian Basescu RUSI Newsbrief: China: Knocking at Eastern Europe’s Door 25 Mar 2014
China’s growing bilateral economic ties with Eastern and Central European states may make it more difficult for the EU to act as a single, united body Europe China
Patrol Line of Control RUSI Newsbrief: Delhi’s Road to Kabul Runs through Kashmir 25 Mar 2014
India suspects Pakistan of stoking tensions along the Line of Control as a diversion from the strategic question of influence over post-NATO Afghanistan Indo-Pakistan Conflict Central and South Asia India Pakistan
North Korea Jang RUSI Newsbrief: The Jang Song-Thaek Purge: North Korea’s Winners, Losers and Scapegoats 25 Mar 2014 by Andrea Berger
The trial and execution of Kim Jong-un’s uncle, and the shuffling and elimination of other officials within the leadership structure, speak volumes about the future direction of North Korean policy Pacific North Korea
Kagame RUSI Newsbrief: Twenty Years On: Rwanda at a Crossroads 25 Mar 2014
Beneath the impressive progress made by Rwanda over the last twenty years lie increasingly pressing questions over governance and the country’s role in the turbulent Great Lakes region Africa
Putin RUSI Newsbrief: Russia’s Overestimated Military Might 25 Mar 2014 by Dr Igor Sutyagin
In light of events in Crimea, an assessment of the capabilities of the Russian ground forces calls into question their ability to follow through on Putin’s threats. (Free access) NATO Europe Ukraine Russia
Ukraine flag RUSI Newsbrief: Europe and Ukraine: All Change 25 Mar 2014 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
While the Ukraine crisis may not herald a Second Cold War, it signals a decisive turning point which will alter strategic calculations across the globe (Free access) Europe Ukraine Russia
Grounded play thumbnail RUSI Journal: Bringing Drones to the Stage 18 Mar 2014 by Dr Emma De Angelis
Emma De Angelis reviews George Brant’s new play, Grounded Art and Culture

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