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A Return to East of Suez?
UK Military Deployment to the Gulf

Britain may be on course to become more directly involved in Gulf security as the US reorients towards the Far East and Pacific Rim.

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ISIS fighters Analysis: The Financial Fight Against Daesh 3 Mar 2015 by Tom Keatinge
2015 will be a critical year for the financial battle against Daesh. The focus on the group’s financing will undoubtedly restrict Daesh in Syria and Iraq, but the group is proliferating abroad. The international community needs to get ahead of the financial curve. Counter-insurgency Middle East and North Africa Syria Iraq
2014 NATO Flag Analysis: The Latgale People’s Republic? 23 Feb 2015 by Sarah Lain
Concerns over a Russian attempt to destabilise the Baltic States are valid, but should focus more on NATO’s need for deterrence rather than Russia’s strategic goals in Ukraine. Sarah Lain, Research Fellow at RUSI, examines NATO’s dilemma across the region. Europe Russia
The latest security challenges facing NATO Videos: The latest security challenges facing NATO 20 Feb 2015
A briefing by General Sir Adrian Bradshaw KCB OBE, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, set against the backdrop of the latest security challenges facing NATO and how this will impact upon UK priorities and commitments UK Defence Global Strategy and Commitments Europe Russia UK
National Crime Agency [thumbnail] Analysis: Tackling Financial Crime: Information Sharing is Key 17 Feb 2015 by Tom Keatinge
Keith Bristow, Director General of the National Crime Agency has announced a ground-breaking public/private sector information sharing partnership aimed at better tackling financial crime. This initiative is to be welcomed, but in a globalised financial and criminal market, does it go far enough to tackle ‘a threat to national security.’ Resilience Europe UK
RAF plane in Iraq Analysis: Dealing With Daesh – The UK’s Role in the Coalition 11 Feb 2015 by Richard Barrett CMG OBE
As the coalition enters its sixth month of air strikes, a new parliamentary report analyses the UK’s response to the so-called Islamic State. What are the factors affecting policy-makers, and should the UK be doing more? Middle East and North Africa Syria Iraq Middle East Peace UK
Jordanian fighter jets Analysis: Jordan and Isis: ‘Until We Run Out of Fuel and Bullets’? 11 Feb 2015 by Shashank Joshi
Jordan has made good on its pledge to strike hard at Isis for the brutal murder of its downed pilot. But what are the risks to the Kingdom, and what more can it do? Syria Iraq Middle East Peace
Assessing the Coalition Strategy Against ISIS Videos: Assessing the Coalition Strategy Against ISIS 6 Feb 2015 by Professor Michael Clarke
Professor Michael Clarke, Director General of RUSI, examines the strategy to defeat the threat from extremists in Iraq and Syria. Counter-insurgency Middle East and North Africa Syria Iraq
Migrant ship Analysis: A New Form of Organised Crime: People Smuggling Across the Mediterranean 29 Jan 2015 by Sasha Jesperson
Over the New Year, two boats were intercepted by authorities, carrying migrants that have paid criminal groups to transport them to Europe through illegal means. The practice highlights the adaptability of organised crime groups, but also their increasingly businesslike nature. Organised Crime
Hizbullah Israel Analysis: Why Israel and Hizbullah Are Not Going to War 29 Jan 2015 by Michael Stephens
Tensions between Israel and Hizbullah have risen sharply in the past week, but despite the animosity between the two sides, regional strategic calculations mean both sides will step back from the brink of all out war. Israel Lebanon
Alexis Tspiras Analysis: The New Greek Government: Neither Left Nor Right Turn, But Wrong Turn 28 Jan 2015 by Dr Jonathan Eyal
Greece has elected a government bent on confronting Germany and the rest of the EU, and is determined to prove wrong those who believed that, once in power, rebel politicians become ‘responsible.’ European Union Europe

Analysis from RUSI publications

Articles from RUSI periodicals: RUSI Journal, RUSI Newsbrief and RUSI Defence Systems

Satellite launch RUSI Defence Systems: Future of the Space Domain in Modern Warfare 4 Mar 2015
The militarisation of space has been a controversial issue since the early days of the Cold War. Is the West's military dependence on space assets pushing competitors to put weapons in orbit? Aerospace Technology
Xinjiang RUSI Newsbrief: Commerce and Force in Xinjiang Province 27 Feb 2015
Rather than seeking new tools, Beijing must fundamentally reappraise its current strategy of draconian public security measures and intolerance of dissent in Xinjiang. China
Buhari RUSI Newsbrief: Terrorism, Security and Politics: Nigeria’s 2015 Elections 27 Feb 2015
The management of Nigeria’s elections will prove pivotal in the context of growing political division and an unrelenting terrorist threat in the country’s northeast. Terrorism Africa
Afghan flag 2 RUSI Newsbrief: Will China Bring Peace to Afghanistan? 27 Feb 2015 by Raffaello Pantucci
China is showing itself to be increasingly open about a possible role in brokering peace in Afghanistan. But the extent to which its actions will coincide with Western priorities should not be overestimated. Afghanistan China
J-20 RUSI Newsbrief: Chinese and Russian Stealth Fighters Close the Gap 27 Feb 2015 by Justin Bronk
Fears that the US’s global aerial dominance will soon be challenged by the fifth-generation fighters under development by Russia and China are overstated – for now. Aerospace Russia China United States
Libyan protesters RUSI Newsbrief: Libya: Too Important to be Allowed to Fail 27 Feb 2015
With Libya on the brink of civil war four years after Qadhafi’s downfall, it is time for the West to step up and step in. Libya
Egyptian flag 2 RUSI Newsbrief: Egypt’s Revolution in Abeyance 27 Feb 2015 by Dr H.A. Hellyer
Four years on from Egypt’s revolution, the positions of the main actors have shifted, yet the revolutionaries still have an important role to play in determining the country’s future. Egypt
US Capitol RUSI Newsbrief: The United States, Iran and the Sanctions Tug of War 27 Feb 2015 by Timothy Stafford
The White House may have staved off Congressional efforts to impose new sanctions on Iran for now, but at what cost? Iran's Nuclear Programme Iran United States
Baltic defence RUSI Newsbrief: Baltic Military Preparations after Ukraine: A Sufficiently ‘Prickly’ Deterrent? 27 Feb 2015
Despite increasing defence spending, the small Baltic States are unlikely to be able to deter Russian aggression without external support. NATO Europe Russia
Peshmerga RUSI Newsbrief: The UK in the Middle East: The Perils of Inconsistency 27 Feb 2015 by Michael Stephens
In the context of deepening insecurity and sectarian division, the Middle East will likely continue to pose a complex problem for British policy-makers. Middle East and North Africa The Gulf Region Israel Syria Iran Iraq UK

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